• September 2018 Scott and Alice win Soldier Hollow!
  • August 2018 Scott wins the Canadian Championships with Alice and the Canadian Nursery Championships with Jill
  • May 2018 Scott and Alice win the Kentucky Bluegrass Classic!
  • September 2017 Scott and Alice win the USBCHA National Finals AGAIN! This is Alice's second finals win and Scott's fifth.
  • September 2016 Scott and Alice win the USBCHA National Finals!!! This is Scott's 4th National win and Alice's first!
  • August 2016 Alice and Scott win the Western Canadian Championships and Coy wins the Western Canadian Nursery Championships!
  • February 2016 We are sad to say that we have lost Jenny's 10 year old Hemp to an auto immune disorder. To see Hemp at the top of his game a few years ago click HERE for their run at the Bluegrass in 2013

Alice with her Soldier HOllow gold medal

Alice with her Soldier Hollow gold medal

Scott with Jill and Alice at the 2018 Canadian Championship

Scott with 2018 Canadian Nursery Champion, Jill, and Canadian Champion, Alice- photo by Alanna Leach