Scott Glen



Scott Glen grew up on a cattle ranch in southern Alberta, Canada. His family used dogs for help around the ranch only minimally and so he didn't know how much work a well trained dog could save a rancher. When he was in his early 20's, Scott decided to raise a flock of sheep. While on his way to a wool shearing class, he was distracted by a man and his border collie giving a sheepherding demo and he has been hooked on herding ever since. Scott has been training and trialing border collies to herd sheep and cattle for over 20 years. In 1997 he turned his hobby into a full time job, creating Alta-Pete Stockdogs. Scott chose the name Alta-Pete (which means "aim high") because it was his personal, and his family's Scottish clan motto.


Scott has proven his abilities by winning many major trials over the years with dogs from several different border collie lines. However, Sweep, the foundation sire for Alta-Pete stockdogs produced winning pups that have allowed Scott to compete with over four generations of the same line. Sweep and Scott won many trials together and still hold the record for being the only dog to win the Western Canadian Championships 3 times. Two of Sweep's pups, Dan and Fly, were Scott's next generation of winners.

Dan was the 2000 Canadian National Champion and Fly was the Reserve Canadian Champion. Fly caught up with Dan in 2001 and captured her own Canadian Championship title. In 2001, the same year that Dan won the Seclusival trial in Shipman, Virginia and the Kentucky Bluegrass trial, Fly stepped up to be the United States Border Collie Handler's Association (USBCHA) Reserve National Champion.

Dan's pups, Pleat, Tala carried the torch after his retirement. Tala was the Reserve Canadian Champion in 2003 and the Reserve Western Canadian Champion in 2004 and finished that year by becoming the USBCHA Reserve National Champion. Pleat topped them both by becoming the 2004 USBCHA National Champion making Scott the first Canadian to win the title. It also made him the first breeder to win first and second with littermates that he bred and trained. Pleat is the only dog in history to win the four biggest trials in North America. To read more about Pleat's accomplishments click HERE.

In 2005 Scott married Jennifer Mask, who has been trialing border collies since 2001, and together they manage Alta-Pete Stockdogs. Jenny is currently trialing Try and Grit, both 4 time great-grandsons of Sweep. In 2013, Scott, with Don, won his second National Finals(they won it again in 2015) and the same year, he won the nursery championships with Alice, a daughter of of Don and a great-great granddaughter of Old Sweep. In 2016, 2017 and 2019 Scott and Alice also won the USBCHA Open National Championships. Scott is the only handler to have won the Best Shed trophy at the Nationals, given for the best International shed, nine times.