HH MIST cbca# 18720 is a rough coated tri color female who was born on December 23, 2020. She is out of Justin Hozack's Jeb who is a granddaughter of Michael Gallagher's International Champion, Cap. Mist's father is Scott's Alta-Pete Tim who is a son of his three time National Champion, Alice and goes back to his two time National Champion, Don.



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SPRING JIM abca#506850 is a rough coated tri color male who was born Janurary 1, 2021. He is out of Jamie Spring's Alta-Pete Brit who is a daugher of Scott's three time National Champion, Alice, who is a daugher of his two time National Champion Don. Jim's father is Joni Tietjen's Kell a son of Sergio Perello's two time English National Champion Murguia Jim.