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PLM TWEED abca# 434919 Tweed is a smooth coated tri sable male who was born on February 27, 2016. He is a son of Jame's McGee's Sid (Seth) (father of the 2014 ISDS champion Silver) who goes back to Aled Owen's Bob and both of his Roys. Tweed's mother is Thad Fleming's Molly who is a daughter of our "Little Sweep" (third in the 2005 USBCHA Nursery finals) who is a grandson of Alasdair MacRae's Nan (the only dog to win both the ISDS International and the USBCHA Nationals) and Ben (USBCHA National champion).






PLM JILL abca#430055 is a rough coated tri colored female who was born on December 1, 2015. Her mother, Ali, is the 2014 USBCHA National Nursery Cattle Champion and she goes back to Kunkle's Coon and John Wentz's hard working Nat. Jill's dam is Anne Mock's Ben (2010 USBCHA National Reserve Nursery Champion) who goes back to Bwlch Hemp .