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ALTA-PETE PLEAT abca#155438, cbca#734 was a tri colored rough coated male who was born on Nov 2, 1998. Pleat was a son of Scott's Dan and Kelly. He went back to Dodie Green's ABCA hall of fame bitch, Soot and was double bred Dryden Joe. Pleat is the only dog to have won all of the top four trials in North America. He was voted "Most Promising Nursery dog"at the Bluegrass classic in 2001 and fufilled that prediction by winning the open in the same trial in 2006. Prior to that, Pleat and Scott won the Meeker Classic in 2005 and and in 2004, Pleat won the USBCHA National Finals. Pleat's littermate, Tala was reserve champion in the same year, making Scott the only handler to win first and second with littermates that he bred, trained and handled. Pleat and Scott were also the first Canadian team to win the title of USBCHA National Champions and qualified to go to the World Championships in Tullemore Ireland. Pleat finished his career in 2008 by winning the Soldier Hollow Classic and passed on in 2013- 3 days after his 15 birthday.

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photo by Vickie Close