World Championships

Canadian Team
In July of 2005, Scott and Pleat were picked to captain the Canadian team headed to the World Championships in Ireland. Canada was represented by Bruce Smart, Scott, Amanda Milliken, Dennis Gellings, and Bob Stevens (not pictured).
Scott and Pleat


Scott and Pleat journeyed to Great Britain a couple of weeks before the big trial and spent some time at the home of David Rees in Wales. David showed Scott the country and arranged for some sheep and fields for them to train in
After David's place Scott moved on to Ireland were he competed in the "Champions of Champions Trial" on July 2 in County Wicklow. Scott had been invited to this trial as the North American Champion. Among others, he competed against the European Champion, and the Brittish Champion. He and Pleat placed second and received a beautiful Irish crystal vase with a Celtic design.
Pleat in Ireland
  On July 8th Scott and Pleat got their chance at the World Championship Trial. After a great run, Scott learned that they had qualified to move on to the Semi Finals. Of the North American competitors, only Scott and Tommy Wilson (US) had managed to move on to the next level. However, out of 19 countries, Canada had placed 4th in the team standings
Penning Unfortunately, Scott and Pleat's run in the Semi Finals just missed the cut off for the final round and they ended up 26th in the world. Scott counted this trip as a "can't miss" that he would have missed if it hadn't been for the benifit trials and all the private sponsors, in both the US and Canada. Without their funds, Scott would not have made it to the 2005 World Trial.. A big THANK YOU to everyone!
The end


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