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DRIFT abca#272551 is a tri color rough coat male who was born on December 20, 2004. His mother is Mij who is a daughter of Jim "The Bomber" and RC Tomlinson's Penny. Drift's father is Michele Howard's Spot a son of Bobby Henderson's Sweep (International winner). Drift missed the beginning of his first season of trialing with a broken foot. After 3 months recovery, he made his debut at the Bluegrass in the ranch class where he was 5th place. Shortly after, at the Thistle Dew Farm trial he won the first day of ranch and was second the second day, winning the overall ranch trophy. In 2009, his first year in open, Drift won a day at the Plumb Lucky trial and also won the overall Open Buckle. At the 2009 Meeker Classic Drift won the best drive award.


Drift at the Plumb Lucky Trial