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photo by Amanda Labadie



CWS ANNE cbca#11320 is a smooth coat tri colored female who was born Dec 5, 2013. She is a daughter of Scott's Don (Canadian Champion, 2 time USBCHA National Champion) who is a son of three time USBCHA Champion, Star. Anne's mother is Wendy Schmaltz' Gin (2010 All Around Stockdog) who goes back to Scott's Dan. Anne is the same way bred as the 2013 USBCHA Nursery Champion and 2016 National Champion, Alice. At the Kentucky Bluegrass, she won 3 of the 4 nursery classes (and placed 5th at the 4th trial) and won the overall nursery award. Anne won more than one open trial in her first year at that level and made the Bluegrass double lift. Scott and Anne flew to Europe to compete in the Summer of 2017 and ended up 4th in the Belgium Open International.
Anne and Scott in the Bluegrass Nursery